50 Colleges With the Hottest Girls [50-41]

50. Illinois

University Of Illinois
Nothing better than a hot girl who is also smart, and the University of Illinois embraces that belief to the fullest. A creative student at UofI put together a “Girls of Engineering” for the 2007 year and the picture above graced the cover. Sign me up for the future editions. [via]

49. Missouri

University Of Missouri
University of Missouri women love their football, and they had a lot to cheer about this past season when the Tigers finished fifth in the country. And we have a lot to cheer about when it comes to fans that look like the two above.

48. Pacific

Pacific Cheerleaders
The University of the Pacific has been the setting for many Hollywood movies, includingRaiders of the Lost Ark. Which I’m sure is what brings in the hotties. That or the beautifulCalifornia weather. Either way, Pacific boasts a 58% female population, making it an ideal setting for any guy.

47. Maryland

Maryland Spirit
Like any big public university you’ve got a deep pool of female undergrads to choose from. Many of whom probably chose the University because they couldn’t get into Georgetown (not to mention the allure of the cute turtle mascot). This can be a good thing.

46. Oregon State

Sara Jean Underwood
Oregon State features the reigning Playmate of the Year in Sara Jean Underwood. If the cream of the crop is that good the rest can’t be all that bad.

45. Virginia Tech

Need Tickets
If a science or math geek is your kind of girl, then don’t look any further than a Polytechnic Institute. Wikipedia says the “agriculture, engineering, architecture, forestry, and veterinary medicine departments” are considered the strongest at Virginia Tech, and you can’t tell me that a girl who is into forestry wouldn’t be a good time.

44. Louisville

Hot Louisville Girl
A Louisville cheerleader had a scandal last fall, pretty much right out of every guy’s biggest fantasy. Graphic photos of Becca Manns began popping up in Google Image searches and on porn sites, allegedly stolen from a lost memory stick that belonged to her camera. So UofL has some fairly awesome cheerleaders, enough to land them here on our list. (And no, the girl above isn’t Becca Manns, but you’ll find her picture at the link below!)

43. Indiana

Indiana Hot Girls
Everyone loves the corn fed midwestern girls, including Newsweek who recently named Indiana University “the hottest big state school in the nation”. I’m not sure they were talking about the same thing we’re discussing here, but it works.

42. TCU

Hot TCU Girls
Which to believe, the “Christian” or the mascot which might as well be called a horny toad? Either way, there’s nothing wrong with a nice girl going through her wild college phase, and there are plenty of hot girls at TCU doing just that.

41. Washington State

Washington State Cheerleader
The girls of Pullman are are very solid, and the school is blessed with some of the hottest cheerleaders in the country (as you can see above).
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